Home-Based Parent Consultations

It can be a challenge to know how to implement strategies learned from workshops, parent groups or services. Home based consultation provides families with individualized support to design and implement strategies that can be easily implemented in the course of daily routines. Home based services will first focus on understanding family daily routines and behaviours occurring in the home. This information, along with your priorities, life style and child’s development and temperament, will guide the plan and strategies.

Most common concerns

  • Strengthening the relationship between parents and children
  • Effective communication
  • Behavior management
  • Socialization
  • Establishing daily routine and structure
  • Setting age and developmentally appropriate limits and consequences
  • Child care and school difficulties
  • Self-care for parents

About Malgosia

Malgosia TomanikMalgosia Tomanik M.ED is a Family Consultant. She received her Masters degree in Education from University of Szczecin, Poland and has completed adult education courses at the University of Victoria, BC.

Malgosia has worked with Lower Mainland families whose children and adolescents have a wide range of developmental and mental health needs including Autism, FASD and other brain based disabilities for the past 18 years.

Malgosia specializes in home and child care/school consultation with families whose children are preschool to high school age. She has experience in addressing concerns associated with daily challenges of parenting a child who needs support as well as dealing with challenging behaviors (tantrums, setting age/developmental appropriate limits, consequences), communication between parents and children, strengthening parent/child relationship, setting realistic goals including academic goals, and understanding disabilities and well-being concerns (when appropriate). She has run workshops and groups on positive approaches to challenging behaviors, understanding brain based disabilities and parenting.

Malgosia’s goal is to support and strengthen families in their role as primary caregiver, emphasizing understanding of their unique needs and developing strategies to address those needs. She works closely with other professionals involved with family including psychologists, teachers, early intervention services and other support teams.