Home based services

Specific home-based parent consultation services will be tailored to your family’s needs. The focus and scope of services will be established on the first home visit. Home-based services will also include:

  • Initial Phone Consult – a time to gather information about your family and the challenges you are facing, and to provide initial strategies and suggestions.
  • In Home Initial Observation Visit – observation of your son or daughter at your home.
  • Collaboration – discussion with you and other professionals involved (your consent will be needed) to establish specific goals and objectives and coordinate services (Action Plan)
  • Implementation – working with you to implement strategies to meet your family goals.
  • Follow up visits or phone calls/e-mails.

Child Care/School services

  • In Child Care/School visit – observation of your son or daughter at child care/school base setting to develop strategies and recommendations
  • Collaboration – meeting with you and your child care or school based team, in addition to any other services involved, to discuss initial support plan
  • Implementation – initial support to child care or school team to carry out recommendations
  • Follow up – visit or phone call/e-mail

Parent Support Groups

  • Short term or long term
  • 4 person minimum
  • Topic of your choice

Education for Parents and Professionals

  • Training Groups for Parents
    • 1 to 6 weeks parent education workshops, 2 hour sessions
    • 4 person minimum
    • Topics of your choice
  • Training Groups for Professionals
    • Workshops, seminars, presentations
    • Small or large groups
    • Topics
      • Understanding FASD
      • Executive Functions
      • Challenging Behaviors
      • Partnership among Parents and Professionals
      • Transitions

Please note, Parenting Paradigm consulting is not a replacement for professional family counselling, psychotherapy or other community services.